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Susan Fox Career Mentor

Susan Fox – Personal Motivator & Career Mentor

Everything you need to empower yourself and actualize your dreams lives inside of you. Let me support and guide you in defining your purpose and successfully creating and achieving your personal goals.

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Connect Your Mind, Heart & Soul

You are here because you are exploring. Authentic intuitive growth begins from inside you. It’s a journey of learning, understanding, and identifying your talents and gifts. I will motivate you to be your best; to set and achieve inspiring goals to reach your full potential in all areas of life: Career, Family, Spirituality, Health & Wellness, Relationships and Personal Growth.

Let’s take this journey together. I will show you how to expand your personal horizons and perspectives and formulate and express your innermost desires. I will give you the tools to unlock your full potential by connecting your Mind, Heart & Soul in order to facilitate your path of self-discovery. In this way, you will achieve wholeness and fulfillment and accomplish what you dreamed about but never thought possible.

My approach combines practicality with spirituality. I help you gain clarity by drawing upon the essence of your own personal energy and leading with love, empathy and intuitive wisdom.