Hello Susan,

I was the last person you did the numerology today on Carole Matthews show. WOW!
You said the exact words I needed to hear. I just stepped out of my comfort zone and put out to the world my knowledge via 3 videos and a webinar and fears did arise.
When you said I am a teacher and a guide for many people this confirmed that I am indeed following my purpose and it is not just a fantasy of mine. You said I am strong and capable and this is a good year grounded and structured. You said that I will definitely be successful.
I was the person with the invitation to the webinar http://bit.ly/QRl1N5 so you know you were right on.
Blessings to you for doing what you do and following your purpose.


Irina Benedict from the Carole Matthews show...May 3, 2014

Sue uses her intuitive abilities along with her expertise and understanding of numerology to create a wonderful, insightful and most importantly, applicable reading that you can actually use in your daily life and incorporate into your longer term plan. It’s a beautifully fun way to envision and activate your life’s purpose and bring so much joy to yourself too. Thank you for your gift Sue.

From: Sandra Kyrzakos, Shift Into One

“Susan Fox is a gifted advisor whose expertise goes way beyond numerology.
Her knowledge of human psychology brought a deeper meaning to my reading and provided valuable insight into my path and purpose. I highly recommend her.”

-Julie Herckenrath

Until my session with Susan Fox, I had never had the opportunity of receiving a numerology reading before. The idea really excited me. The idea of having a ‘psychic’ or ‘mystical’ reading performed on me just seemed so entertaining. Well, her reading wasn’t so ‘far out’ as one might assume and it was much more than entertaining. Her reading nailed me. It displayed character traits that hold strong rooting at the core of me. In looking at these, I was able to further grow and take understanding of myself. Thank you.

Joshua Townsend

My Numerology Reading with Susan was bang on and I use it as a tool to keep me focused on what’s important. Susan will provide you with information that reveals your true heart’s desire which will help you better navigate some of life’s tough decisions.
If you’re looking for ways to align with your true purpose, a Numerology Reading by Susan will get you started on the right path.

N.K.M. TorontoOntario

Thank you for the Numerology Reading and report, especially the part that ‘it’s not too late for me’. I am feeling lighter and empowered.

Veronica Giles – AtlantaGeorgia

I have always been impressed with how well rounded Susan is as a business and spiritual leader. She has the unique combination of being a caring spiritual person who also has a strong commercial perspective.

Kim HannanV.P. H.R. and International Consultant

Susan showed me a way to feel good about surrendering control, at a time when it was important to me.

Rick Wilson