Sue uses her intuitive abilities along with her expertise and understanding of numerology to create a wonderful, insightful and most importantly, applicable reading that you can actually use in your daily life and incorporate into your longer term plan. It’s a beautifully fun way to envision and activate your life’s purpose and bring so much joy to yourself too. Thank you for you Sue.

Sandra Kyrzakos.. Shift Into One

Hello Susan, I was the last person you did the numerology today on Carole Matthews show. WOW! You said the exact words I needed to hear. I just stepped out of my comfort zone and put out to the world my knowledge via 3 videos and a webinar and fears did arise. When you said I am a teacher and a guide for many people this confirmed that I am indeed following my purpose and it is not just a fantasy of mine. You said I am strong and capable and this is a good year grounded and structured. You said that I will definitely be successful and  you know you were right on. Blessings to you for doing what you do and for following your purpose.

Irina Benedict

I got a reading from Susan Fox, Numerologist before. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Joshua Townsend